48 Hours in Sydney – Must Do Things

Sydney harbour at night
A visit to Sydney Harbour will incorporate both the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Visiting Sydney is truly the vacation of a lifetime. This gorgeous city offers travelers so much to do and see. But sometimes tourists are limited by time constraints. If you have booked your Sydney flights and accommodation what are the must do things if you only have 48 hours in Sydney? The following describes what you must see and do in two days.

1. The Sydney Opera House
A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting this stunning display of architectural design. With over 1,500 performances each year, finding something to enjoy shouldn’t be difficult. Spending a few hours at the opera house will make your holiday unforgettable.

2. The Queen Victoria Building
A tourist will want to spend time shopping at the elegant Queen Victoria Building, located on 455 George Street. Visitors will get as much enjoyment admiring the intricate grand staircases and stained glass windows as they will actually shopping.

3. The Sydney Tower
A trip to the top of the tower is a must when operating on a tight schedule. With a panoramic view of the city, travelers can get a birds-eye view of the sights they won’t have time to see any other way. Binoculars are available for free when reaching the top. Plan on spending approximately an hour at the Sydney Tower.

4. Bondi Beach
A trip to Sydney must include a visit to Bondi Beach. Tourists can do as much or as little as they want on this beautiful, iconic beach. Long coastal walks, surfing, and great places to eat and shop are all options along Bondi.

5. The Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens offers a variety of specifically themed gardens, plants of the month, and Palm House Exhibitions. Some of the featured gardens include the Begonia Garden, the Herb Garden, the Rainforest Walk, the Palace Rose Garden, and the Rare and Threatened Plants Garden. A guided walk of the garden can be taken in under two hours.

6. St. Mary’s Cathedral
This architectural brilliance and detailed design can’t be missed when visiting Sydney. With its twin spires and overwhelming structure just seeing the outside is worth the trip. A tour through the inside, however, will reveal magnificent stained glass windows, decorative treasures, and intricately designed ceilings.

7. Taronga Zoo
While some may recommend spending 3 to 4 hours to take in every sight at the zoo, a visitor can enjoy the highlights in much less time. The zoo is approximately 12 minutes from Sydney by ferry. Some of the animals to experience include giraffes, cheetahs, and a Sumatran tiger.

8. The Sydney Harbor Bridge
This architectural gem can be explored by either climbing up to the arch or walking across the lower level. Which to choose depends on how much a visitor enjoys heights and how much can be spent. Whatever way is chosen, travellers need to make sure and experience this stunning bridge while in Sydney.

9. Luna Park
Luna Park, featuring the iconic face at the entrance, offers several classic rides and games for the entire family to enjoy. Luna is located along Sydney Harbor and is close to the bridge. Entrance to the park is free but rides require a ticket. Multiple ride passes are available as well as single ride tickets.

10. Sydney Aquarium
This aquarium is truly interactive, offering a completely underwater snorkel adventure so guests can view the sea creatures in a safe environment. There’s also a Great Barrier Reef exhibit tourists can enjoy while riding in a glass bottom boat. The aquarium features octopus, penguins, and a host of other interesting sea creatures.

The great thing about most of the items on the must do list is that travellers can spend as little or as much time as they wish at these sites and activities. Spending approximately 1 to 2 hours at each of the above should be long enough and can be enjoyed in 48 hours.

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