Short Stay Apartments in Sydney a Good Option

short stay Sydney apartment
Short stay Sydney apartments look this good and the comfort level is to a 5 star rating.

When traveling to Sydney there are several options when choosing accommodations. The following information outlines what’s included in short stay accommodations, the benefits and drawbacks of these types of apartments, and if these types of apartments are viable options for short term business or holiday trips.

What is a Short Stay Accommodation?
Short stay apartments usually can be found in all manner of sizes and styles. They can come with any number of bedrooms, usually one to three, and offer a variety of amenities to choose from. Short stay apartments in Sydney can be found in many areas, including the heart of the city as well as along the beach. Prices fall into a variety of ranges as well. Short stay accommodations are typically for six months or less, but they can sometimes be extended for longer periods of time.

Benefits of Choosing a Short Stay Accommodation
These types of accommodations usually offer full kitchens and laundries. This specifically may include a full size refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. A long list of other amenities is often provided as well. A few of these include access to an indoor pool, gym facilities, high speed WiFi, and under-cover car parking. Some apartments have other electrical appliances and may even furnish items such as tea and coffee. Sometimes even tennis courts and golf courses are within close proximity to the apartments. Maintenance and repairs are all taken care of for those staying in the apartment. Short stay apartments can be used sometimes for as little as only a few nights. Guests usually pay by the week or the month.

In general, short stay accommodations are the best of both worlds. These apartments offer the comforts of home with all the modern appliances and conveniences, while still providing many of the benefits of living in a hotel. Hotels are often clustered in groups in certain areas of the city, while short stay apartments can be found in a variety of locations. Renters can choose to be near the bustle of downtown and lots of tourist attractions, or in a more remote location. Finally, one of the best benefits of short stay accommodations is the privacy. These types of apartments offer a higher level of privacy and seclusion than the typical hotel.

Drawbacks of Choosing a Short Stay Accommodation
There aren’t many drawbacks when staying in these types of apartments, but a few should be considered. There are often some restrictions involved while living in short stay apartments that may not apply to other types of living arrangements. Having parties or other large events in which many people would visit the apartment may be prohibited. There may be contracts that will need to be signed, but these vary from one accommodation to another. The contracts can often be extended if necessary. However, if a person or group does decide to stay for a longer period of time the property owner can raise the rates when signing a new lease.

Who Would Likely Stay in Short Stay Accommodations?
These types of apartments are often used by business travelers and tourists on holiday. Short stay apartments are also used by students who may be staying for a semester or only for a few weeks during an internship. Finally, those who have just moved to Sydney may find it beneficial to live in a short stay apartment while looking for more permanent housing. It’s simply more practical for busy individuals to have the convenience of a kitchen, a living room, and dozens of services and amenities rather than living out of a hotel room.

In summary, short stay apartments in Sydney would be a good accommodation option for most people. Students, business travelers, and individual travelers as well as families traveling in large groups can all find accommodations to meet their personal needs.

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